New release of Bushcraft knife ENZIN.

October 23, 2023

amenoma Bushcraft knife ENZIN

The strongest batoning knife with genuine leather sheath. His name is ENZIN
It was created in response to requests from rugged campers who love leather. The blade is forged from blue steel No. 2 with a black finish and is 5-6mm thick on both sides. It is both durable and durable. The full tang allows for batoning work on hard hardwoods without difficulty. The grip part is wrapped with reflective para rope to increase grip strength. Even if you lose it at a bonfire at night, shining a light on it will reflect the light and make it easier to find.
Comes with a tsuba called ``Banshu Hiruto'' to protect your hands. Guards your fingers from going to the blade. The scabbard is finished with genuine leather (color: black). It has an expert finish that is unified with black. *Comes with a D-ring and can be attached to various locations using an S-shaped hook or carabiner.
*The Houjin series is a product sold exclusively at amenoma online shopping and events.

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