Bushcraft hammer600 February 1st pre-sale

January 21, 2022

amenoma Bushcraft hammer600 Peg driving Wood splitting Portable hammer

Sorry I made you wait. Announcement of pre-sale start for Bushcraft hammer600 on February 1st.
A new hybrid system with peg driving and firewood splitting functions in one. Recommended for solo campers, backpackers, riders, and those who want to keep their equipment to a minimum. The hammer part is made of 600g steel by a blacksmith using fire forging and blade finishing, giving it an amazing texture that can only be achieved by hand. The exquisite weight allows you to drive the peg with ease. The ax part has a sharp finish so that the blade can be easily inserted into firewood, making batoning easy. The grip uses a real oak pattern. I made it a straight type that is easy to use for both a hammer and an ax. With a total length of 300mm, it is both compact and well-balanced. It comes with a reflective para rope, so even if you lose it at a bonfire at night, it will reflect on the light and be easy to find.

amenoma Bushcraft hammer600 introduction here