Bushcraft series (knives/hatchets) released on July 1st

July 01, 2021

amenoma Bushcraft knife・nata series

Amenoma original product.
This ruggedness. Expert finish. This is the man's Bushcraft series.
The rugged camper has been designed to be tough to use. The blade is forged from blue steel No. 2 with a black finish and is 6mm thick on both sides. It is both durable and durable. The full tang allows for batoning work on hard hardwoods without difficulty. The grip part is wrapped with reflective para rope to increase grip strength. Even if you lose it at a bonfire at night, shining a light on it will reflect the light and make it easier to find. The series has 5 types: knife (100.120.150mm) and nata (165.180mm). Please imagine the usage scene and choose.

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