We will be exhibiting at Botanic Bomb VOL4 7/2.

June 19, 2023

Botanic Bomb VOL4

We will be exhibiting at the gardening event " Botanic Bomb VOL4 " to be held in Fukuchiyama City, Kyoto Prefecture on Sunday, July 2nd. 34 plant booths, 7 pots, garden tools, and miscellaneous goods stores, and 7 food and beverage booths. This is an irresistible event for those who love seeing rare plants lined up. amenoma will display and sell gardening shears, soil sticks, weeding tools, etc. There will also be lectures on how to use and maintain tools. Please come and visit us.

Agave/Succulent Plant Tools Click here

Date and time: July 2nd 10:00-16:00
Location: Sandanike Park General Gymnasium Main Arena 377-1 Shizaki, Fukuchiyama City, Kyoto Prefecture
Free admission Free parking (approx. 1000 spaces)