Bushcraft gear bag new release on September 1st

August 26, 2022

amenoma Bushcraft gear bag

Gather your favorite gear together.
Camping tool storage bag, Bushcraft gear bag.
From hatchets and knives to hammers and pegs (up to 300mm), gloves and sputter sheets, you can store all the gear you need for bushcraft in this bag.
Made of material with excellent strength, durability, and water repellency, it can be handled tough, and it has a handle that allows you to carry it even when opened, so you can carry it roughly. The lower part of the back has a hard finish and is durable and does not lose its shape, so you can securely secure it with forged pegs, hammers, knives, etc. * Removable insole with partition. You can store small items such as lighters and keys in the mesh bags on both sides, and you can attach shoulder belts, name plates, etc. to the 4 D-rings. *Sales start on September 1st.

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