Katsuobushi shaving machine “Tsunezaburo” is now on sale.

January 17, 2023

Bonito flaker Tsunesaburo series Tsunesaburo Co., Ltd.

The steel-like bonito flakes are shaved smoothly. This is a serious bonito flaker made by a plane blacksmith.
The blade is made of the highest grade steel, ``Aogami Steel,'' and is further compressed using forge welding and forging techniques to create a sharpener that is durable and maintains its sharpness. Freshly shaved bonito flakes are as beautiful as flower petals, and you can enjoy the best aroma and taste. We are also very particular about the box in which we put the shaved bonito flakes. Manufactured from Yoshino cedar with a beautiful grain and finished with a arare finish that shows the skills of woodworkers. The lid has a recess that makes it easy to open, so it can be used for a long time.
amenoma's special project `` Top Grade Ibusuki Bonito with Honkarebushi (Medium) '' comes with a sharpener blade and will be shipped ready to be enjoyed immediately after purchase.

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