Kansai Saw has started selling tipped saws for brush cutters.

May 02, 2022

Chip saw for brush cutter Shizukaru Kansai saw

Introducing tipped saws for brush cutters that are recommended for the grass cutting battle that is about to begin.
The sound deadening effect can surprisingly reduce fatigue. Its name is "Shizukaru"

The level of fatigue after work is completely different by eliminating the metallic sound. Four sound deadening slits absorb impact noise. Significantly reduces metallic noise. Pearl white fluorine coating is applied to the surface, which easily slides off weeds on the tip saw and increases work efficiency. It has a guard that prevents chips from flying off due to a stone guard, and it cuts longer than a regular chip saw. Others are introduced from the link below.

Click here for the tip saw series for brush cutters