Woody Chisel is now on sale.

July 19, 2021

Woody Chisel (WOODY CHISEL) For musical instruments and woodworking only

This chisel is useful for making musical instruments such as violins and guitars made from the highest quality steel material "High Speed ​​Steel" and for woodworking. A unique quenching method has been used to create a steel material that lasts three times as long as regular knife steel, giving it both high hardness and tenacity. The blade is hard to chip and retains its sharpness even on hard wood. The steel type uses extremely soft iron as the base metal. Easy to sharpen and hard to temper even with machine sharpening. The handle is made of high-quality natural wood ``walnut''. The gourd-shaped grip fits in your palm, making it easy to apply force. There are 6 types available: flat sword, round sword, shallow circle, extremely shallow circle, triangle, and outer circle. There are also 7-piece sets available in various variations.

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