Sakle mowing/harvesting sickle

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For those who love mowing grass.

Sakle grass cutting/harvesting sickle 180mm

This item is recommended for those who love gardening.
``Sakuru'' makes mowing grass stylish and fun! It was designed based on the concept. The handle is made of high-quality natural wood "Walnut". Comes with a brass clasp that is durable and can be used for a long time. The blade is made from a thin 1.6mm thick steel material that has been hardened to a hardness of HRC 60 degrees or higher, and has been made thinner using a suki finish (a technique in which the polished blade is further shaved into a concave shape to allow for better separation of grass and improved sharpness). The single-edged blade provides the best sharpness, allowing you to mowing to your satisfaction. There is also a storage case that can be used to cover your favorite sickle. Comes with a shoulder strap so it can be used in any gardening scene.
Since it is a back-saw sickle type, it can be used for harvesting work and mowing. It is for the right side.

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There are countless women across the country who love mowing grass. It is said that if you weed cleanly, your heart will also be clean. Isn't there a cooler mowing tool? We received such a request and completed it. You'll be surprised at the difference between it and other sickles the moment it cuts. It is also a popular gift for people who love gardening.

*Can be resharpened and repaired.


Sakle grass cutting/harvesting sickle 180mm


Total length 430mm, blade length 180mm, blade width 31mm, blade thickness 1.6mm, handle 330mm


Approximately 160 g (250 g with case)


Blade: Yasugi special steel, single-edged, right-hand back-grain saw (skim finish)
Pattern: Walnut pattern (brass clasp) Storage case with hanging belt


Takemoto Kama Seisakusho