We post answers to questions and frequently asked questions from our customers.

What is amenoma?
The origin of the word is Tenmoku Ichika-no-kami, the god of iron making and blacksmithing that is associated with the Harima region and appears in the Nihon Shoki.
The logo is based on the ``right three tomoe'' family crest of the Bessho family, which built Meichika and Miki Castle, and a whirlpool of thought and technology, and the brand image color is ``indigo iron color'', which is derived from iron.
What kind of business is it?
Business will begin on March 31, 2021.
Based on the knowledge and connections with craftsmen that we have cultivated in the Miki hardware industry for over 20 years, we will disseminate hardware made by blacksmiths and handmade items made by craftsmen from around the country to the whole country and the world from the perspective of makers and buyers. .
We will also develop original products that meet customer needs.
What is an original product?
Based on the traditional techniques cultivated by blacksmiths, we develop products with designs that meet the needs of the times.
We will continue to provide products that "turn your fantasies into reality." We will also develop products in collaboration with technologies from other production areas.
Can I request a special order item?
Custom-made items are one of the specialties unique to blacksmiths.
You can create a shape that suits you by making slight improvements to regular products.
If you have any trouble at the site, please contact us.
The payment method is advance payment, and we will start work after confirming the payment.
[Payment address] Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Nagata Branch Ordinary 3878105 Takahashi Tsuyoshi
Can it be used for left-handed people?
Most single-edged knives such as kitchen knives and short knives can be used for left-handed use, so please contact us for details.
It will be more than 1.5 times more expensive than usual.
One of the reasons is that the equipment (line) is usually set up for right-handed players, and the production process takes time because the equipment has to be reassembled for left-handed players, and the craftsmen's preferences change.
What about repairs?
If your beloved tool breaks, it may be possible to repair it if it is manufactured in this region.
Once please contact us. *Even if it is determined that it is possible based on images, etc., when checking the actual product, it may be determined that it is impossible due to the manufacturing perspective of the craftsman.
What about resharpening?
The blacksmith who makes knives and scissors will resharpen them.
There are some products that are not available. It is often thought that it is more expensive than sharpening held at supermarkets.
The reason is that the blade attachment method requires a permanent blade, which takes time. We do not only sharpen, but also adjust distortion, so you won't be able to tell the difference.
There are many craftsmen (cooks, carpenters, landscaping) who usually resharpen their knives themselves and request them for full maintenance.
The resharpening procedure will take 2 to 3 weeks after receiving the product. (Because it is done in between regular work) I mainly sharpen and correct distortion.
Depending on the condition, it may cost more than the normal repair cost. The return shipping fee will be borne by the customer.
Since shipping costs will be incurred, we recommend collecting them in your neighborhood and sending them in several pieces.
Please check the " Maintenance Corner " for details.
How do I order?
After purchasing the product, click "Add to Cart" and move to cart. If OK, proceed to checkout.
After entering the shipping address information, proceed to confirm the delivery details and proceed to the payment method.
Select and complete your payment method (credit, convenience store, cash on delivery).
Once completed, you will receive an automatic reply email. Please check that your order details are correct. *If you have any requests such as specifying the date and time, please fill in the "Add a note when ordering" field before going to checkout.
What is the process from ordering a product to shipping?
After receiving an automatic email reply, we will send you an official response email and ship it within about a week.
Most of the products we handle are handmade, and items that are out of stock may take 1 to 2 months or longer.
We will contact you again only if shipping will take more than a week.
For custom-made items, we will contact you with an estimate and delivery date, and after receiving your approval and confirmation of payment, production will begin.
After shipping, it may take 1 to 2 days for the product to arrive in Honshu, and 3 days to 1 week for Hokkaido, Okinawa, and remote islands.
*Please check the "transport company tracking number" in the delivery information notification email.
I did not receive a confirmation email after placing my order.
The email may not be delivered due to an error in the registered email address, domain-specified reception, spam filter settings, etc. If you confirm your registered email address is incorrect, please contact us by phone or email. I will check the contents and reply. If the address is not delivered without any problems, the email may be in your spam folder due to domain specific reception. Please check your junk mail once. Please set up your domain to receive emails from the sender address in the future.
From domain: @amenoma.jp
I would like to see the product and purchase it.
We currently do not have our own store, but if you would like to see our products, please come to our office.
If you are coming, please contact us by phone or email in advance to inquire about the products you are looking for.
There is a possibility that the person will not be present on the day. It will be easier if you contact us a few days in advance.
You can also purchase on the spot. Please contact us via the inquiry email " Contact ".
Do you sell wholesale?
We accept BtoB sales to retailers.
We are looking forward to working with amenoma to promote the products of Banshu blacksmith craftsmen.
Since many items are handmade, it may take some time after you place your order. please note that.
We generally do not support providing images or text for online sales.
We would be grateful if you could introduce our products based on your worldview.
Do you ship overseas?
Is it possible to ship overseas?
Currently, we are not preparing an overseas shipping system.
If you have a desired product, please contact us with specific details using the "Inquiry Form".
We will reply to you regarding whether it is possible to ship and the charges if possible.
Currently, we are not preparing the overseas shipping system.
If there is a desired product, please contact us by e-mail with the details of the product.
E-mail: inquiry@amenoma.jp
I will reply to you at a later date as to whether it is possible to ship, and if it is possible, the price, etc.