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Anzu Seisakusho Azui millio frying pan

Azui Manufacturing

Founded in 1971. Stepping into new territory with the new brand millio.

Founder Koichi Yasuda worked with his four sons to establish a metal processing subcontracting workshop. While receiving work from local businesses, the father and son worked together to hone their fire-making skills, and in 1981 they made a new start as the agricultural tool manufacturer ``Azuka Seisakusho''. Since then, due to the location of Miki, the town of hardware, merchants from all over the country have requested the production of various hoes, as well as hand tools that are used in construction, civil engineering, fishing areas, and other areas in addition to agricultural tools. "I don't want to say anything," and with that in mind, we utilize our free forging technology and work hard every day to create products that please our users.
The new brand ``millio'' is an opportunity for camping users to become familiar with the forging techniques of blacksmiths, and we are currently taking on the challenge of a new genre.

Company Profile

  • Azui Manufacturing
  • 673-0422
  • 76-1 Yoroki, Miki City, Hyogo Prefecture