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Sickle for catching ``oyster roe''.

For small bowls only. KAKIKO Sickle

This is a special sickle created for catching oysters.
You can cut off the child plants born from the parent plant without taking them out of the pot. Insert it between the parent plant and the child plant, cut the part where it is connected in the soil, and remove it. Fully quenched 3mm thick stainless steel to a hardness of over 55 degrees HRC. It is durable, rust-resistant, and can be used powerfully. The tip of the handle can be used to remove soil entangled with the roots of plants taken out of pots, loosen the roots, and push soil between the roots when planting in pots. It is convenient to use when working with small bowls of sizes 3 to 5.
KAKIKO Sickle is a sickle made with the new concept of ``TAKEMOTO BROS.'' that combines functionality and durability with design. Please use it to collect succulent plants (mainly agave). Double-edged type. The blade is stronger than the single-edged type.

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Convenient for working with small pots of size 3 to 5. The blade can be used for delicate work such as collecting agave seedlings and cutting the body of a cactus. The tip of the handle can be used as a rooting stick. Please use it for small pot work. Good to look at, good to use. Please choose the single-edged type " Raptor Sickle " which emphasizes sharpness. Enjoy your garden life with this wonderful Sickle.

*Can be resharpened and repaired.




Total length 215mm, blade length 60mm, width 30mm, blade thickness 3mm


Approximately 38 g


Body: Stainless steel (sus420j2) double-edged, boxed


Takemoto Kama Seisakusho