Agave Sickle 70mm

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Agave mushroom sickle.

For cutting and harvesting. Agave Sickle 70mm

For harvesting mushrooms and increasing child stock by cutting the trunk.
A small sickle made by a sickle blacksmith. The blade is 1.5mm thick stainless steel (double-edged). It is rust resistant and has a thin, curved blade that can be hooked onto the stem for cutting. The entire body is hardened to a hardness of over 55 degrees HRC, and the handle is made of durable oak. It comes with a cool brass clasp, is durable, and is well made with sharpness.
Agave Sickle is a sickle made with the new concept of ``TAKEMOTO BROS.'' that adds design to functionality and durability. For cutting work to increase the number of child plants and weeding work. Compact and convenient for mushroom harvesting in the mountains. Since it is a double-edged type, it can be used regardless of your dominant hand.

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``Body cutting work'' is a method of propagating by cutting the stems and dividing them into upper and lower plants. Apply the chemical to the cut and let it dry completely. In this way, the lower part will grow into child plants, and the upper part will grow roots. More and more people are using this method to grow cactus and agave. You need good tools to do good work. Recommended for those who want to breed.

*Can be resharpened and repaired.


Agave Sickle 70mm


Total length 205mm, blade length 70mm, blade width 21mm, blade thickness 1.5mm, handle 135mm


Approximately 75g


Blade: Stainless steel (sus420j2) Double-edged handle: Oak (brass clasp) handle/boxed


Takemoto Kama Seisakusho