Mulberry cut sickle 90mm 8 size pattern

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A sickle for harvesting wild vegetables.

Keep it in your sack. Mulberry cut sickle 90mm 8 size pattern

A sickle used for wild vegetables.
The blade is made from a 2mm thick steel material that has been hardened to a hardness of HRC 60 degrees or higher, and has been thinned using a suki finish (a technique in which the polished blade is further shaved into a concave shape to improve its sharpness and remove grass from the blade). The blade length is small enough to fit in your hand, making it easy to use for harvesting. Since it has a trumpet pattern, you can rest assured that your hand won't slip out.
The mulberry sickle can be used on mulberry leaves, wild vegetables, bamboo grass, and small twigs. It is for the right side.

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Popular with people whose hobby is picking wild vegetables. I put it in a sack and carry it to the mountains. It is also useful when cutting twigs that block the path. Recommended for harvesting Nemagari Bamboo, which is a fun part of spring mountain climbing. For collecting the blessings of the mountains, ``wild vegetables, mushrooms, and bamboo shoots.''
*If you mow unnecessarily, it may cause the blade to chip. Please protect the blade when carrying it.

*Can be resharpened and repaired.


Mulberry cut sickle 90mm 8 size pattern


Total length 280mm, blade length 90mm, blade width 25mm, blade thickness 2mm, handle length 240mm


Approximately 90g


Blade: Yasugi steel with special steel, single edge, right hand (skid finish), handle: magnolia handle


Takemoto Kama Seisakusho