shuriken strap

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Strap your favorite shuriken.

Shuriken strap (Feng Shui) red, green, yellow, brown, peach.

These straps are color-coded by Feng Shui colors.
For your cell phone, bag, or favorite tool. Please try adding an accent that really shines.
Battle (red)
It is also said to be the red of determination, and is the color of the ability to face concerns head-on without hesitation and to actively tackle them. It is also the color of vitality and endurance, and also has the meaning of health.
healthy (green)
It means peace and health. Also called a healing color, it is a naturally powerful color that relaxes the mind and body. It also has the meaning of harmony, trust, and safety.
Money luck (yellow)
A bright individuality like the sun, a color that means freedom. In addition to being an image color of financial luck, it also has the meaning of stimulating desires such as self-transformation and business success.
earth (brown)
A color that has the meaning of mental security and calmness. It is also known as the color of an indomitable spirit, which means that you can firmly accept things with a strong feeling like the earth and give strength to others.
matchmaking (peach)
A color that means a gentle heart and softness. In addition to being an image color of love luck, it also has the meaning of softening human relationships and the atmosphere around you.

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Ninjas are popular all over the world. Shuriken, which was used by ninjas in battle and as a tool, is a coveted item for such fans. Just attach it to your favorite things or places to get excited. For yourself or as a gift. Currently, it is very popular as a gift for overseas friends. In that case, please be sure to tell me the feng shui meaning of each color.


Shuriken strap (red, green, yellow, brown, peach)


Total length 120mm, width 25mm


Approximately 5g (boxed 12g)




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