SHOZO brand small pruning shears

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These pruning shears are easy for women to use.

Light and compact. Small pruning shears.

These pruning shears have been improved to be lighter and smaller.
The professional sharpness of the clam-sharpened and back-through blades has been designed to be easy to use even for women with relatively low physical strength. It's compact and easy to carry, allowing you to do detailed mowing work. The knife is made from special steel and the entire body is baked to ensure durability and long-lasting sharpness. The pattern is stylish and cool with an earth color "olive" finish.

Uses: Convenient for weeding the garden and trimming small branches. Cuts up to 10mm.

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My mother surprisingly takes care of the garden trees at home.
Even if I ask my father, he won't move...Then it's up to me.
If so, I want tools that are easy to use.
A cute one if possible.
The product was created based on your feedback. Tough garden maintenance work. I want it to be as easy and fun as possible! You'll be hooked on cutting your hair spaspa♪


small pruning shears


Total length 530mm, blade length 150mm, blade thickness 4mm, handle length 325mm


Approximately 650g


Blade: Special knife steel, whole body hardened Handle: Olive-colored wood handle


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