SHOZO brand pruning shears extra large

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Stylish but authentic pruning shears.

Pruning shears extra large.

These are pruning shears for serious use.
These pruning shears can cut relatively thick branches with the professional sharpness of the clam-sharpened and transparent blades. Comes with a ``back blade remover'' to prevent the back blade from getting clogged with wood tar. Allows for smooth opening and closing operations. The knife is made from special steel and the entire body is baked to ensure durability and long-lasting sharpness. The pattern is stylish and cool with an earth color "olive" finish.

Uses: Convenient for weeding the garden and trimming branches. Cuts up to 15mm.

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These scissors can be used for serious pruning work. It can be used for a wide range of purposes, from mowing grass to cutting branches, and it's useful to have one. The long handle makes it easy to use when working in slightly recessed areas. On the other hand, it is heavy, so it may be tiring for women.


Pruning shears extra large


Total length 700mm, blade length 195mm, blade thickness 4mm, handle length 440mm


Approximately 970g


Blade: Special knife steel, whole body hardened Handle: Olive-colored wood handle


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