Orca Sickle 165mm

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A sickle designed with the user in mind.

Kind to women and children. Orca Sickle 165mm

The rounded edge makes it easy for women and children to use.
The sharp edge of the blade is rounded, making it safe, secure, easy to use, and cool to work with. We have created such a product. The blade has a back-sawn finish that allows you to cut everything from soft grass to small stems. The entire body of the 2mm thick steel attachment material has been hardened to a hardness of HRC 60 degrees or higher, and has been finished with a suki finish (a technique in which the polished blade is further shaved into a concave shape to improve the sharpness and separation of grass) to make it easier to pull. The handle is made of durable oak wood. Shorter than usual, with emphasis on operability. Durable with a base made of brass that will not deteriorate over time. It is a product that is both sharp and solid.
Orca Sickle is a sickle made with the new concept of ``TAKEMOTO BROS.'' that combines functionality and durability with fun and design. Please use it for weeding work and vegetable harvesting. Single-edged type for right-hand use. *It was named because it looks similar to "Orca".

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I want more people to know about the goodness of sickles. This sickle was created by the sickle blacksmith Toshiyasu Takemoto with the user in mind. The main reason why women and children are afraid of sickles is ``the sharp edge of the blade.'' I learned this by listening to the opinions of many users. This was the moment when the stereotypes that creators fall into were dispelled, and at the same time, it was also the moment when ``Orca Sickle'' was completed, which is easy to use and can be used in any situation.
This sickle is serrated and easy to use for harvesting work. Cut by pulling with the perfect combination of the serrated blade and the step between the blades. I am often asked how to resharpen the blade, but for the Urame saw type, apply the sickle whetstone perpendicular to the blade using the same method as for regular sickle sharpening. The mechanism is such that the lost saws can be restored by sharpening them.

*Can be resharpened and repaired.


Orca Sickle 165mm


Total length 340mm, blade length 165mm, blade width 23mm, blade thickness 2mm, handle 240mm


Approximately 160g


Blade: Yasugi steel with special steel, single edge (skid finish), right handle: Oak (brass clasp) handle, boxed


Takemoto Kama Seisakusho