Grass shadow 230/250mm boxed

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Reduce flying stones! Grass cutting tip saw.

The three reduction effects are amazing. Safety Ninja Kusakage

Reduces stone flying, entanglement, and fuel consumption.
We have eliminated the ``blade bag'' on the tipped saw, which is the cause of ``getting pebbles caught'' and ``getting the grass tangled'' during grass mowing work. The reduced resistance reduces the load and reduces fuel consumption, allowing work to be done even with rechargeable models that are relatively low in power. The sharpness is enhanced by the "W edge tip" made of tungsten carbide.
Application: For general mowing. It is especially recommended for work near roads or in residential areas where flying objects such as pebbles are a concern. There are two sizes: 230mm and 250mm. There are 30 pieces available that are a great deal for public institutions and farmers.

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Eliminate the ``blade bag'' of the chip saw. This drastic manufacturing method, which overturns common sense, is a patented product of Kansei Saw, and was developed with the desire to eliminate the image that working with a brush cutter is dangerous and allow people to cut grass safely and securely. The soft touch of mowing the grass may be a new sensation. Please try it.


Grass shadow 233mm/255mm


233mm: Outer diameter 230mm, number of blades 33P, 2mm thickness
255mm: Outer diameter 255mm, number of blades 33P, 2mm thickness


233mm 335g・255mm 415g


Base metal: Special knife steel Tip: Tungsten carbide carbide


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