millio leather grip series for iron plates

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Make millio even cooler.

Increased grip power. Leather grip series for iron plates

Millio makes the iron plate even cooler. Even easier to use.
A grip cover made of soft tanned leather. The texture of tanned leather and millio's iron texture match perfectly. Also, by wearing it, the grip strength increases. Heat conduction makes it easier to hold the hot handle.
Installation is easy. Just insert the handle and secure it with the eyelet button to prevent it from falling out. It has a special grip so it stays in place without slipping. Choose from 3 colors: blue, brown, and red, depending on your preference. Both square and rectangular shapes can be installed.

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The millio iron plate has become even more my own color millio. The texture increases each time you use both iron and leather, and they go well together. As you use it, its expression changes as it ages and you can enjoy the joy of growing it. When the oil evaporates, it sticks to the leather, but that can also be cultivated as a ``texture.'' After using the frying pan, remove the grip and clean it.


millio leather grip for iron plate


Height 130mm, width 55mm, thickness 2mm


Approximately 24g


Genuine leather/eyelet button


Azui Manufacturing