KUKSA basic set

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For making MY Kukusa.

KUKSA basic set

You can make your own kukusa, a popular outdoor cup.
This set is recommended for those who already have knives or those who are trying out their second knife. Uses Katsura wood, which is easy to carve and has a nice texture. You can cut it to your ideal shape. It also comes with instructions, so it's easy to understand even for first-timers. Create your favorite scene using your favorite knife.
The KUKSA basic set is already hollowed out in KUKSA wood and can be completed by external processing. Contains 3 types of waterproof paper and a devilish file for finishing . Please take your time and carefully create the shape you like. The journey takes approximately 4 to 5 hours.

Check amenoma !

Popular Kukusa. This mug is made using traditional craft techniques originating from Northern Europe. It has been made since ancient times to wish people happiness, and it is said that the person who is given Kukusa will become happy. In Europe, there are many survival campers who pick up logs and make them on the spot using axes and knives, and even in Japan, more and more people are enjoying making kukusa. Drink delicious drip coffee with kukusa that you made with care. I feel great and I'm sweating. If you make it, you'll get hooked (actually, I got hooked too!) and people around you will want to make it too. After making it with the kit materials, try making it into your own design using fallen wood or your favorite natural wood on site. It looks even cooler if you wipe it with oil after making it.


KUKSA basic set

Dimensions mm

KUKSA: 130mm x 75mm x 55mm (hole diameter 60 x depth 45mm)
Onime file: total length 185mm x blade length 90mm


Approx. 180g (KUKSA approx. 95g )


Kukusa: Katsura wood / Onime file half-round waterproof paper (#150, 240, 400) 1 sheet each / How to make instructions


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