B-type pruning shears 7-inch metal clasp (body/parts)

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Speaking of pruning shears, this is the shape.

Recommended size for those with relatively small hands.

These are old-fashioned pruning shears. The blade consists of a clam-shaped upper blade and a crescent-shaped lower blade, which locks and cuts the branch it grips. The overall balance is evenly balanced on both sides, creating a beautiful and durable blade shape.
The whole body is forged and has a firing finish, making it strong and durable, and the blades are individually hand-tipped for sharpness. We can perform maintenance repairs such as re-sharpening and distortion removal work. *Includes one replacement pine needle spring. A set of springs and screws are sold separately as parts.

Uses: Can be used for various pruning tasks such as plants, flowers, bonsai, gardening, orchards, and fresh flowers. Can be cut to about 15mm (up to 20mm). *Maximum cutting will vary depending on grip strength.

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Recommended for those who have relatively small hands and like strong, sturdy scissors. The blade is 4mm thick and requires strong grip, so if you are not confident in your grip strength, type A is recommended. It has a durable blade shape (clam blade) that can withstand cuts of about 20 mm. The blade surface has a beautiful mirror finish, and it is a product that touches the hearts of those who use it because of the sophisticated effort that can only be achieved by a craftsman.

Note: For raw wood, the blade has a small blade finish on the back to prevent chipping, making it difficult to cut rope cords (strings tied to posts, etc.).


Pruning shears 7 inch metal clasp


Total length 180mm, width 47mm, blade length 50mm, blade thickness 4mm


Approximately 190g


All steel, 7mm screws, spare pine needle spring included, boxed


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