Black shadow 230/250mm

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Cut down stubborn weeds without missing them.

Claw tip. black shadow

The ultra-steel tip bends sharply into a claw shape to catch and cut any grass without missing it.
A tipped saw that cuts through stubborn weeds. By increasing the mounting strength of the chip, the chip is less likely to fly off and is less likely to chip. The base metal is a lightweight mesh board, and the paint is black coated. Lightweight, less tiring, reduces sunlight reflection, and is gentle on the eyes.
Uses: For bamboo, dried grass, and hard grass. There are two sizes: 230mm and 250mm. There are 30 pieces available that are a great deal for public institutions and farmers.

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The special shape of the ``claw tip'' was designed for mowing rough ground where stubborn weeds such as bamboo and hard grass grow. For cutting after midsummer when the grass becomes hard. Recommended for those who are looking for a light tipped saw.


Black shadow 233mm/255mm


233mm: Outer diameter 230mm, number of teeth 36P, 2mm thickness
255mm: Outer diameter 255mm, number of teeth 40P, 2mm thickness


233mm 285g・255mm 365g


Base metal: Lightweight mesh board, black coating Chip: Big chip (claw type), blister pack


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