Leather cutting knife flat sword 36mm

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Leather cutting knife.

Leather cutting knife flat sword 36mm

A must-have knife for leather craftsmen to cut leather.
Press the top of the grip with your thumb and cut along the line you drew. Special die steel is used for the steel. It is rust-resistant and has a long-lasting sharpness. The entasis-shaped handle makes it easy to grip and is just the right size to fit in your hand. *Comes with a leather case.
A leather (cutting) knife is used to cut leather, rubber plates, etc. The standard flat sword type is designed for sharpness, and can cut through thick leather with a single sword.

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I love that it comes with a leather case. This product is recommended for those who are thinking of starting leather craft. Grip the leather knife lightly and press your thumb on the grip as you cut. Lay the blade diagonally to cut the cross section at right angles.

*Can be resharpened and repaired.


Leather cutting knife flat sword 36mm


Total length 150mm, blade width 36mm
Blade thickness 1.5mm, handle length 90mm


Approximately 50 g (60 g with case)


Special die steel (single edge, right hand), cherry blossom pattern, leather case included


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