Resurfacing whetstone [grooved]

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Flatten the whetstone surface.

Beautifully sharpened. Resurfacing whetstone [grooved]

Quickly eliminates "dents in the whetstone".
This product is made of silicon carbide (#60) and is hard-quenched to make it extremely rough, making it suitable for surface correction of hard whetstones. When you sharpen a knife with a whetstone, the surface gradually becomes uneven. In particular, the middle surface tends to become concave, making it difficult for the blade to strike cleanly. It's not that you can't sharpen it, but the blade becomes round, making it difficult to sharpen it flat. Round blades do not stick well to the object they are cutting, which may cause you to think that they cannot cut.
To use, moisten the whetstone to be resurfaced with enough water and rub the surface of the whetstone to be repaired with the uneven surface of the resurfacer. You will see some sides that are cut and some that are not. The areas that are not scraped are dented. If everything is removed, it will also be evidence that it is flat. If you leave it for a long time, it will be hard work, but since it is a sharp knife, please fix it carefully. *We recommend refacing the knife after each knife sharpening. You'll be able to do your next task with ease!

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This is a must-have item for those who resharpen with a whetstone. There is often a way to flatten the surface of a whetstone using asphalt or concrete, but this is not very good for the whetstone, and the surface becomes rough, which can damage important items. A good knife requires a good whetstone and a sharpening stone. A person who masters maintenance can master knives. This is true♪


Resurfacing whetstone [grooved]


Total length 170mm, width 56mm, height 30mm


Approximately 545 g


Silicon carbide material (#60) uneven surface/flat surface included in plastic case


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