Flash Saki Maru Takohiki "Kai" Shaku Ebony Pattern Paulownia Box

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A knife that pursues the pinnacle of sharpness.

Its name is Senkou Senkou Sakimaru Takohikishaku.

A single-edged knife that allows for the best expression.
Hand-forged with V-gold No. 10 steel for maximum sharpness and durability, resulting in a knife that is resistant to chipping and has excellent durability. Cuts well and lasts a long time. And it is resistant to rust. The beautiful ripples of the laminated layers (16 layers) further accentuate its elegance. The handle uses the highest quality ebony octagonal handle. It is resistant to corrosion, and has excellent quality and durability. Although it is made of stainless steel, it may rust if left wet. Please dry after use.
Sakimaru Takohiki ``Kai'' has a blade that draws a gentle arc from the tip, making it easy to pull out and cut beautifully. This will result in beautifully cut sashimi.
*Single-edged right-handed. Left-handed versions can be made to order.

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This is the best knife for chefs who have mastered Japanese cuisine. The curved blade can be used in a variety of ways, such as by cutting with the tip of the blade in the same way as the Yanagi blade. When I was shown how to use this knife at the store where I had purchased it, I was impressed, even as an amateur, by the synergistic effect of a great cook and good tools. It is very popular with overseas chefs, and we are currently unable to produce it in time. This is a product that is well worth the wait, so why not consider it?

As with all knives, there is a risk of chipping if the blade is "kneaded". please note.

*Can be resharpened and repaired.


Flash Saki Maru Takohiki "Kai" Shaku Ebony Pattern Paulownia Box


Total length 460mm, blade length 300mm, blade width 32mm, blade thickness 4mm
Handle length 150mm


Approximately 245g


V-gold No. 10 laminated steel (16 layers) single-edged right-hand use, ebony octagonal handle, paulownia box


Kazuyuki Tanaka Knife Manufacturing Co., Ltd.