Tetsukatsu light stand compact

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Authentic stainless steel lantern stand.

Emphasis on storage. Lighthouse stand compact

A compact storage/lantern stand made using the fire-forging techniques of blacksmiths. Rust-resistant stainless steel (SUS304) is hammered with a red hammer to give it a strong finish. The branches for hanging lanterns and things are hand-bent to create the ``soft curves of kudzu''. The surface has a hammered pattern and is given an antique look by a unique aging process. Can be freely combined according to the scene. Please use a hammer to drive the tip of the stake. It can also be used to hang pots and small pots over a bonfire stand or open fire. (Up to 2 kg) The lower part of the dedicated case is made durable so it won't tear easily and can be stored safely.
Lantern Stand Compact is a compact type stand made by Inoue Tool Manufacturing Co., Ltd.'s outdoor brand "Kuroganekazura". The set includes 2 main units, vertical bow branches, horizontal branches, hanging hardware, and storage bag. It was made with portability in mind. Both 50L and 70L trunk cargo can be stored. Recommended for motorcycle camping, solo camping, etc. Please use a hammer to hammer the body and combine the parts as you like. The total combined length is 1560mm, but the height changes depending on the depth of driving. Please use it as a camp base symbol for hanging lanterns, etc. *It can be installed even with a lantern shade up to 200mm wide using the hanging bracket.

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The texture created using fire blacksmithing techniques is unique. You can enjoy the vintage feel from the moment you purchase it with the stainless steel aging process. The total length is 1560mm, but if you insert it by about 200mm, you can hang the lantern at a height of about 1360mm. Since it can be made compact, it is recommended for campers who prioritize storage. Durable and rust resistant. You can use it for a long time, but problems may occur.
This product is compatible with Inoue Tool Manufacturing's "Lifetime Guarantee Warranty System". We provide free repairs and corrections. It also comes with peace of mind, so please consider it. *The round-trip shipping fee will be borne by the customer.

``Kuroganekazura'' is an outdoor brand launched by Inoue Tool Manufacturing Co., Ltd., a blacksmith shop in Miki City that was founded in 1911. Using fire-forging technology, we are taking on the challenge of creating products in a new field based on the philosophy of Takashin Ranko, with the theme of ``Kurogane'', which has played a part in the company name ``Soko'' since its founding. We plan to devise outdoor products using plants and rustic motifs as motifs.


Tetsukatsu lantern stand compact


Total length 1560mm, 595mm when stored
Top of main body 590mm・Φ12
Bottom of main body 595mm・Φ12
Vertical branch 580mm・Φ9
Side branch 380mm・Φ9
Hanging bracket 120mm・Φ6


Approximately 1820 g (1900 g with case)


Stand: Stainless steel (SUS304) hammered/aging processing
storage bag


Inoue Tool Manufacturing Co., Ltd.