Lid for blacksmith pot/blacksmith iron plate

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Lid for blacksmith pots and iron plates.

A light and easy-to-use lid for blacksmith pots and iron plates.

Please use it for foods that require heat conduction from above.
*This is an example of using a pot and iron plate. Only the lid is sold.

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Before use (seasoning)

Bake over low heat to remove surface rust preventive paint, etc. Please note that the handle will become hot. After a while, smoke will appear. The smoke will gradually disappear as the anti-rust paint comes off. Reposition the pot if necessary and remove the anti-rust paint. (If the smoke stops coming out, it is proof that the rust has been removed.) The surface of the main body will turn black, but this is not a problem as it is an ``oxide film'' formed by oxidation of iron.
Caution: If you overcook it, it will become distorted, so stop cooking when there is no more smoke.
Apply oil using kitchen paper. If you let it cool down and then air-bake it again and wipe it with oil, the oil will be absorbed. Stir-frying the food with vegetable scraps etc. before cooking will remove the iron smell.


Lid for blacksmith pot/iron plate


Length 275mm, width 275mm, height 25mm


Approximately 0.4kg


Made of aluminum/with resin handle


Atagoyama Industries Co., Ltd.