blacksmith small plate

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Rugged. But it's the best! A small plate from a blacksmith.

A small plate made by a blacksmith.

Although it is thick and heavy at 6mm, the cooking temperature is very high and the heat retention is excellent, bringing out the full flavor of the ingredients. Comes with a removable handle so it can be installed from all sides. Seasoning required before use. Another feature is that you can enjoy growing them in your own color.
The size is explained by placing it on a single burner. This is the recommended usage. Since it is an iron plate type, it is ideal for grilling. You can use it for sub-cooking on a bonfire or over an open fire while camping, making it the perfect cooking option.

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This is the best iron plate for solo camping. Grill meat for a short period of time in a sufficiently heated state. The inside of the carat is juicy and juicy. No matter what kind of meat you choose, you can enjoy the excitement of a high-end steak restaurant. Also, if you have some outdoor spices, it would be perfect. The drawbacks are that there is no special case and the handle cannot be inserted on a flat surface. There is no problem if there is a gap such as with a single burner.
If you apply concentrated firepower, it may become slightly distorted.

Before use (seasoning)

Bake over low heat to remove surface rust preventive paint, etc. Please note that the handle will become hot. After a while, smoke will appear. The smoke will gradually disappear as the anti-rust paint comes off. Reposition the pot if necessary and remove the anti-rust paint. (If the smoke stops coming out, it is proof that the rust has been removed.) The surface of the main unit will turn black, but this is not a problem as it is an ``oxide film'' formed by oxidizing iron.
Caution: If you overcook it, it will become distorted, so stop cooking when there is no more smoke.
Apply oil using kitchen paper. If you let it cool down and then air-bake it again and wipe it with oil, the oil will be absorbed. Stir-frying the food with vegetable scraps etc. before cooking will remove the iron smell.
※one point! Use drying oil such as ``sunflower oil'' or ``perilla oil.'' We recommend it because it hardens in the air and forms a solid oil film. Olive oil, which is a non-drying oil, does not form an oil film. Please be careful.


small plate


Length 170mm, width 170mm, height 15mm, material thickness 6mm (inner dimensions: length 120mm x width 120mm )


Approximately 1.4kg


SPHC (hot rolled mild steel plate polished finish)
Handle: Stainless steel, boxed


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