Masamune scissors 90mm garden scissors genuine leather sack

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Genuine Leather. case for garden shears

90mm garden shears genuine leather sack.

A case for garden shears that is compatible with 60 mm, 75 mm, and 90 mm garden shears.
Finished with cowhide leather, it is durable and long-lasting, and the more you use it, the more it looks. You can attach it by hooking the metal fittings even when the belt is attached. The case moves so that it does not get in the way even when you are crouching down.
*Suitable for belts up to 40mm wide.

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You can also store products from other manufacturers in a cool manner. Unfortunately, it cannot be used by those who do not use a belt (especially women). It's a shame because this is the first time I've used it as a phone case.

Note: Since it is genuine leather, it may shrink if it gets wet, but it will expand again with use. Please store in a well-ventilated and dry place.


Masamune scissors 90mm garden scissors genuine leather sack


Total length 320mm, width 145mm
(Inner storage dimensions length 160, width 115, height 20mm)


Approximately 205g


Genuine leather with belt loop metal fittings


Yoshioka Knives Manufacturing Co., Ltd.