Masamune Scissors Aogami Black 240mm

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Cool dressmaking scissors from Masamune Scissors.

Craftsmanship scissors Aogami black 240mm.

Convenient for detailed work. Professional lasha cutting scissors with matte finish.
The highest quality Yasugi steel with blue steel has been made into a product with both sharpness and durability using unique forging technology and blade finishing. The backing is finished with skilled craftsmanship for smooth opening and closing and long lasting durability. 240mm is the standard size. Unlike stainless steel, it will rust, but the way the blade bites into the fabric is much different.

Purpose: Dressmaking scissors are also called rasha-kiri scissors, and are scissors suitable for cutting fabric. It is also used by craftsmen who handle large-sized fabrics and dressmakers. *Racha is a Portuguese word that refers to a thick fabric made of densely sewn wool.

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The entire scissor has matte black metal fittings finished in brass color, making it a cool pair of scissors that are irresistible to dressmaking enthusiasts. Dressmaking scissors were introduced from overseas around the early Meiji period as cutting scissors for clothing fabrics, and were adapted into a Japanese style. The greatness of the scissor Masamune is the wonderful combination of the blades. The blade touches only the part to be cut, and there are gaps elsewhere. Thanks to its excellent backing finish, it can firmly grasp thin threads and fabrics that tend to twist and cut neatly.


Masamune Scissors Aogami Black 240mm


Total length 240mm, width 82mm, blade length 115mm, blade thickness 5mm


Approximately 250g


Yasugi steel Aogami No. 2 steel, black finish, screw type, boxed


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