Made by Makoto V gold No. 10 laminated steel sword shape 180mm

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You can understand the essence of Seiki's work. Double-edged knife for household use.

Sharpness made by Shigeki Saku. This is a sword-shaped (gyutto) knife.

This basic type has such sharpness! What kind of kitchen knives have you used so far? This is a product that we often receive feedback from those who have purchased it.
Hand-forged steel is carefully finished into a clam blade. The material used is "V-gold No. 10 steel" that is resistant to rust and cuts sharply and for a long time.
In addition, the laminated pattern (8 layers on one side) is different for each piece, making it an original product just for you.
The sword type (gyutto) is mainly suitable for cutting meat.
The tapered type makes it easy to do detailed work. Like a Santoku knife, it can be used for all purposes (meat, vegetables, fish). Since it is a double-edged type, it can be used regardless of left or right handedness.

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This sword-shaped knife is very surprising at the gap between its solid appearance and how light it is when held. I was surprised at how sharp it was, and even more surprised at how long it lasted. Another feature of this series is that there are many repeat customers.
In daily cooking, the speed and texture of food will change depending on whether the knife is sharp or not. It's something you use every day, so it's recommended as a fun cooking tool. There are also those who decide on the style because it looks cool.

As with all knives, there is a risk of chipping if the blade is "kneaded". please note.

*Can be resharpened and repaired.


Sword type (gyutto) knife 180mm


Total length 305mm, blade length 180mm, blade width 47mm, blade thickness 3mm
Handle length 120mm


Approximately 150g


V-gold No. 10 laminated steel (8 layers), clam double-edged blade, reinforced wooden handle, boxed


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