Makoto V gold No. 10 laminated steel Petty 150mm

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You can see the essence of Makoto's work with the petty knife.

The sharpness of this petty knife made by Shigekisaku.

This sharpness is achieved with a basic type!
This is a product that customers often comment on, saying, "What have you ever thought of knives before?"
The steel is hand-forged and carefully finished into a clam blade. The material used is "V Gold No. 10 steel," which is rust-resistant, sharp, and long-lasting. In addition, each knife has a different layered pattern (8 layers on each side), making it an original product just for you.
The petty knife is perfect for peeling vegetables and fruits. It also comes with a leather case, making it convenient to carry around outdoors. It is double-edged, so it can be used by both left-handed and right-handed people.

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Comes with a leather case for easy storage, making it the perfect companion for camp cooking.
The shape and layered pattern are cool, it's portable, and it cuts like crazy.
I was amazed at the sharpness of Makoto's petty knife, and even more amazed at how long it lasted.
Another feature of this series is that it has many repeat customers. The speed of work and texture of food change depending on whether the knife is sharp or not in daily cooking. It is recommended as a fun cooking tool because it is used every day.

This applies to all knives, but please be careful not to "scrape" the blade as it may chip.

*Can be resharpened and repaired.


Petty knife 150mm


Overall length 270mm, blade length 150mm, blade base width 35mm, blade base thickness 3mm
Handle length 110mm, total length in case 275mm


Approximately 100g, Approximately 120g in case


V-gold No. 10 laminated steel (8 layers), clamshell double-edged blade, reinforced wooden handle, boxed case: cowhide


Tanaka Ichino Cutlery Factory