Leaf-shaped polishing blank paper 210mm

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Kamasamune's gate-shaped hakari series.

Leaf-kari gate type polishing blank paper 210mm.

A professional gardener growls. ScissorsMasamune Yasugi steel leaf cutting shears with white paper and polished finish.
Using our unique forging technology and blade finish, we have created a product that has both sharpness and durability. The skid-backed finish created by skilled craftsmanship prevents the adhesion of tree sap and resin, allowing for smooth opening and closing and long lasting cutting. The handle is made of durable Japanese oak. The gate type is from Masamune's standard leaf cutting series. The sharp blade allows you to handle small twigs (about 6mm) at the base of the blade. The polished blade is carefully polished from black leather to create a shiny blade.

Use: Used for leveling the soil with hardened new shoots. Leaf trimming shears are special shears suitable for cutting soft fresh leaves such as pine trees, satsuki, and snails . The more professional landscapers use them, the more detailed they are.
*Leaf trimming shears are scissors for cutting leaves. Trimming twigs with the tip of the blade may cause the blade to chip.

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Yoshioka Hamono's leaf trimming shears have a reputation for their delicateness. Leaf trimming is a very delicate task, and if you cut just a few millimeters in the wrong place, the entire composition will be disrupted. These scissors support the skills of such craftsmen and can be used as part of their hands. The greatness of the scissor Masamune is the wonderful combination of the blades. The blade touches only the part to be cut, and there are gaps elsewhere. The good finish on the back prevents the blade from becoming clogged with tree sap, wood resin, etc.


Hagari gate type polishing blank paper 210mm (1 shaku 8 sun pattern)


Total length 830mm, blade length 210mm, blade thickness 4mm, handle length 540mm


Approximately 840g


Blade: Yasugi steel white paper No. 2 steel polished finish, screw type (10mm)
Handle: Shii handle (shaku 8 size handle) with locking nut and blade cover


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