Mikihisa Grafted Short Sword, Straight Type, Tsuchime 24mm (Right/Left)

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Everything about grafting begins with the cut.

Grafted knife straight type 24mm

Made for producers who handle numbers.
This product is handmade with a honyaki finish and has the characteristics of blue steel material, sharpness and durability. It is made with a focus on long-lasting sharpness so that producers who graft and cut a large number of trees in one day can reduce the number of times they need to be resharpened. Also, because of the thin blade finish, the cut is clean. The handle fits comfortably in the palm of your hand, making it easy to adjust the force slightly.
The grafted direct type has a straight handle. Used for grafting/cutting work and as a gardening knife. If your hands hurt after working for a long time, you can wrap tape or string around the handle.
Single-edged type. Available for right and left.

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Grafting is the process of cutting parts of a plant, such as branches and buds, and splicing them onto another plant to grow a new plant. If the cambium layers of the rootstock and scion do not match even partially, it will not stick. The sharp 2mm blade makes it easy to match by cutting cleanly. I once went to see a grower's grafting work, and I was surprised at the large number of trees and the amount of work done in a short period of time. I'm glad to hear from such people that it's a good product.
It is coated with a thin layer of varnish to prevent rust, so it may feel dull at first. If you are concerned about this, please wipe it off with thinner etc. before use.

*Can be resharpened and repaired.


Grafted knife, straight type, tsuchime 24mm (for right/left)


Total length 200mm, blade width 24mm, blade length 60mm, blade thickness 2mm


Approximately 60g


Blue steel No. 2 steel (single edge) hammered finish/blister


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