Mikihisa Kari Knife in Sack Tsuchime 120mm

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Sharpness born from tradition.

For precision work in gaps. Kari Knife 120mm

This product is handmade and has a honyaki finish that combines the characteristics of white steel material, sharpness and ease of sharpening. The oval handle makes it easy to grip and apply pressure, making it well-balanced for both vertical and horizontal work. The case is made of Cordura nylon. It is durable and resistant to friction and protects the blade.
The Kairi type is used for gouging, chamfering, and carving the inside of wood. The cutting edge can be used to perform precision machining such as deep gap work and hardwood machining at the blade base. *Used for transom gouging and detailed work on musical instruments.
Single-edged right hand. Left-handed versions can also be made by special order.

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This is a small knife that will make you realize how much fun woodworking can be when you find a good knife.
We create a blade that cuts through multiple processes, allowing you to craft it without stress. The knife is lightly coated with varnish to prevent rust, so it may feel dull at first. It will come off when you use it, but if you want to enjoy the sharpness of Ikeuchi knives from the beginning, please wipe it off with thinner before use. The edge of the blade is thin so that it can be used delicately, so there is a risk of it breaking if you use too much force.

*Can be resharpened and repaired. The blade is long and thin, so it's quite difficult.


Kari Knife, Sack, Tsuchime, 120mm


Total length 220mm, blade length 120mm, blade thickness 3mm, handle length 100mm


Approximately 70 g (90 g with case)


White steel No. 2 steel (single edge, right-hand use) hammered finish, magnolia pattern, Cordura nylon case, blister


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