Mikihisa cut-out knife Tsuchime 18mm

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Sharpness born from tradition.

Japanese cutlery. Cutting knife 18mm

This product is handmade and has a honyaki finish that combines the characteristics of white steel material, sharpness and ease of sharpening. The handle fits comfortably in the palm of your hand, making it easy to adjust the force slightly.
Please use the cut-out type for all types of work such as wood, bamboo, plastic, etc. If your hands hurt after working for a long time, you can wrap them with tape or string.
Single-edged right hand. Left-handed versions can also be made by special order.

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In addition to woodworking, it is also used for handling fish (eel), etc. Another feature is that you can attach the blade to your convenience (obtuse angle ↔ acute angle). However, I think it would be better to use a harder material (such as dried bamboo) that is a little harder (blue steel or higher). The knife is lightly coated with varnish to prevent rust, so it may feel dull at first. It will come off when you use it, but if you want to enjoy the sharpness of Ikeuchi knives from the beginning, please wipe it off with thinner before use.

*Can be resharpened and repaired.


Small knife Kiridashi small knife Tsuchime 18mm


Total length 180mm, blade width 18mm, blade length 45mm, blade base thickness 3mm


Approximately 55 g


White steel No. 2 steel (single edge, right-hand use) hammered finish, blister


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