Shuzo Shozo's Kumoryu Kairi Small Sword 105mm with plum brim

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The pinnacle of tradition. Shuzo Shozo series.

High end. Kumoryu Kairi Sword 105mm with plum brim

This is Ikeuchi Hamono's highest grade Yokote knife, which is made by forging and forging No. 2 blue steel and laminated soft iron. The reddish blue steel is hammered and tempered into a durable material. The laminated (10 layers) pattern is beautiful and each piece has a different pattern. It has excellent durability, and has a sharp cutting edge with good underside opening and opening. The handle is made of red wood with a wonderful wood grain texture. The oval shape makes it easy to grip and apply force, and can be used in a well-balanced manner for both vertical and horizontal work.
The Kairi type is used for gouging, chamfering, and carving the inside of wood. The cutting edge can be used to perform precision machining such as deep gap work and hardwood machining at the blade base. *Used for transom gouging and detailed work on musical instruments.
Single-edged right hand. Left-handed versions can also be made by special order.

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The Shuzon Shozo series is a high-end series that demonstrates the best of Ikeuchi cutlery's traditional techniques. Everything is done by hand and requires dozens of steps to create a sharp blade, allowing you to craft it without stress.
The knife is lightly coated with varnish to prevent rust, so it may feel dull at first. It will come off when you use it, but if you want to enjoy the sharpness of Ikeuchi knives from the beginning, please wipe it off with thinner before use.

*Can be resharpened and repaired.


Shuzo Shozo's Kumoryu Kairi Small Sword 105mm with plum brim


Total length 225mm, blade length 105mm, blade thickness 3.5mm, handle length 100mm


Approximately 85 g (105 g with pod)


Blue steel No. 2 laminated (10 layers) steel (single-edged, right-hand use) polished plum-shaped handle (scabbard), paulownia box


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