Isojiro Concon sickle stainless steel

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Weed with the tip and mow with the saw blade.

A regular-sized concon sickle. stainless steel

A grass-cutting sickle with a pointed tip.
You can insert the blade tip into the blade to remove weeds and roots near walls and ditches, or use the saw blade as a sickle for mowing grass. The blade is made of fired stainless steel, making it durable, rust-resistant, and easy to clean after use. The handle is short enough to fit in your hand. It comes with a convenient string hole. *For those who request a long pattern, " Pink Nagara " and " SHOZO Nagara " are available.

Application: For weeding and mowing work. You can dig roots with the tip of the blade.

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A product unique to the weed control manufacturer "Doukan." It is useful as a garden care tool for those who want to weed every corner. Since it is made of stainless steel, it is resistant to rust and can be used with confidence as an outdoor work tool. It is convenient because it can be used in two ways: if you want to pull out weeds by their roots, you can use the concon blade, and if you want to cut grass, you can use the sickle blade.


Isojiro Concon sickle stainless steel


Total length 255mm, blade length 110mm, blade thickness 3mm, handle length 135mm


Approximately 105g


Blade: Stainless steel, whole body quenched Handle: Wooden handle


Doukan Co., Ltd.