Shirasagi Lasya scissors 240mm

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Allsten dressmaking scissors.

Shirasagi Lasya scissors 240mm.

All stainless steel cutter scissors that are easy to maintain. It has an excellent sharpness and is ideal for cutting fabrics such as cloth, as well as interior work such as cutting carpets and cloth. All parts (blade, handle, screws) are made of rust-resistant stainless steel, so it can be used for work in water areas.

Applications: In addition to dressmaking work, it can also be used for agricultural work at waterholes, fishing cooperative work, and food lane work that requires boiling sterilization. *Racha is a Portuguese word that refers to a thick fabric made of densely sewn wool.

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These scissors can also be used for water work. Tools used in food factory lanes are metal detectable and can be sterilized by boiling. It is very useful in the field because it cuts well in each case.


Shirasagi Lasya scissors 240mm


Total length 250mm, width 80mm, blade length 110mm, blade thickness 4.5mm


Approximately 210g


Yasugi steel SLD composite material (JIS standard SKD-11) mirror finish boxed


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