White Heron Flower Rasha Kirikiri Scissors 240mm

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Dressmaking scissors that can cut aramid fibers.

White Heron Flower Rasha Kirikiri Scissors 240mm.

These are the highest quality rasha cutting scissors made from Yasugi Steel SLD composite material. The material is extremely hard and sticky, so it is sharp, hard to chip, and lasts a long time. It is ideal for cutting fabrics such as cloth, as well as interior work such as cutting aramid fibers, carpets, and cloth. All parts (blade, handle, screws) are made of rust-resistant stainless steel, so it can be used for work in water areas.

Applications: In addition to dressmaking work , it can also be used for agricultural work at waterholes, fishing cooperative work, and food lane work that requires boiling sterilization. *Racha is a Portuguese word that refers to a thick fabric made of densely sewn wool.

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These scissors have blades that are as hard as even aramid fibers. Scissors that can cut special materials can be very useful in factory work. In the textile industry, materials are rapidly evolving, and scissors that can cut any material are becoming more important.
Aramid fiber is a super fiber that appeared in the 1960s and is widely used in the construction field, as well as in tire reinforcement materials, optical cable reinforcement materials, printed circuit boards, bulletproof vests, etc.


White Heron Flower Rasha Kirikiri Scissors 240mm


Total length 245mm, width 80mm, blade length 110mm, blade thickness 4.5mm


Approximately 225g


Yasugi steel SLD composite material (JIS standard SKD-11) mirror finish boxed


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