Kiyotsuna Josaku Deba 150mm (right/left)

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This is a Deba knife that is resistant to rust.

Easy maintenance. The blade is 150mm.

The size is easy for women to use.
A high carbon stainless steel Deba knife that is resistant to rust. The blade has a composite forged finish for sharpness and durability. The handle is made of Bubinga, a natural wood that is highly corrosive . Both the appearance and quality will attract users.
It is resistant to rust, so you can save some maintenance work after busy kitchen work. It is more resistant to rust than regular steel types, but it may rust if left untreated. After use, wipe dry and store.
The 150 Deba knife is useful for cutting three pieces of fish, splitting the head, and cutting hard parts such as bones. Available for right-handed and left-handed.

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It is popular among anglers because it does not rust easily even when exposed to seawater.
It is very useful for those who want to tighten the fish and treat the internal organs and gills on the spot after catching it to enjoy it deliciously, and keep it in your tackle box. You can remove the head of Thai yellowtail. The size is easy for women to use. 165mm is recommended if you are handling mainly men.

As with all knives, there is a risk of chipping if the blade is "kneaded". please note.

*Can be resharpened and repaired.


Deba knife 150mm (right/left)


Total length 290mm, blade length 150mm, handle length 120mm, blade thickness 7mm


Approximately 235g


Blade: High carbon stainless steel composite forging (single edge)
Pattern: Bubinger pattern (P ring), boxed


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