Western saw for wood 22 inches

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Overseas style push-cut saw.

For wood. Western saw 22 inches.

This is an overseas-style saw that cuts by pushing.
The majority of saws manufactured overseas are of the push-cut type and are manufactured for export. For woodworking, it has a blade that cuts lightly so that it does not shake even when pressed. The long blade length is 22 inches (550 mm), so it can be used for cutting logs and wide lumber.
Since it is a push-cut type, you need to apply force when pushing it. There is a hook hole on the tip of the blade, so you can hang it on a wall etc. for storage after use.

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Western-style saws have a wide, thick blade that allows for easy application of force in order to handle hard woods from overseas. The push-cut type is made by pressing down from above with your weight.


Western saw for wood 22 inches


Total length 635mm, blade length 550mm, blade thickness 0.8mm
Blade width 140mm, handle length 170mm


Approximately 530g


Blade: SK-5 hardened steel, impact hardened cutting edge Grip: Wooden handle


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