Garden scissors Aogami screw 150mm

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The sharpness of scissors Masamune. Aogami garden scissors.

150mm that can be used for leaf cutting.

These are the ``Masamune Scissors'' gardening shears that are loved by landscape gardeners.
Forged handmade item made from Aogami No. 2 steel. Recommended for those who want to maintain hardness and sharpness. It is also characterized by the attached steel making it easy to sharpen and maintain. The blades are carefully matched one by one by blacksmiths, resulting in a superior level of supple sharpness.

Uses: Use for picking buds from fruit trees and gardening, and cutting twigs from bonsai. *The 150mm type has a screw type that can be removed and resharpened.

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The greatness of the scissor Masamune is the wonderful combination of the blades. The blade touches only the part to be cut, and there are gaps elsewhere. The good finish on the back prevents the blade from becoming clogged with tree sap, wood resin, etc. 150mm is the size that can be used for leaf cutting work. It is easy to reach even slightly high places. However, the longer the blade, the heavier it becomes.

Note: For raw wood, the blade has a small blade finish on the back to prevent chipping, making it difficult to cut rope cords (strings tied to posts, etc.).


Garden shears 150mm


Total length 280mm, width 120mm, blade length 150mm, blade thickness 5mm


Approximately 325g


Blade: Yasugi steel with Aogami No. 2, screw type (with 7mm locking nut), boxed


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