Hardened transplant trowel thin cloth series

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A ported trowel made by a blacksmith.

Honyaki and strong. Hardened transplanted trowel thin cloth.

A transplanted iron that does not break the neck.
This is an authentic transplanted shovel made by a blacksmith. It is lightweight and easy to use, and the blade part is strong due to hardening, so you don't have to worry about breaking the neck when digging. The cutting edge is also sharpened to make it easier to insert into the soil, so it can be used not only for digging holes but also for cutting roots and scraping hard soil. The pattern is made of maple. Lightweight and durable to handle outdoors.
The narrow cloth makes it easy to do detailed work and allows you to dig long and narrow holes, making it convenient for planting bulbs. It also comes with a memory that can measure depth (up to 15cm). This product is recommended for root cutting as it can cut the root by pinching it with the V of the blade. The short handle makes it easy to do detailed work. The long handle allows you to work in deep places. It can be held with both hands, making it easy to apply force. *Due to discontinuation of can production, this is the type without cans.

There are various grafted trowels on the market, but I often hear that the neck of the blade (the part that is inserted into the wooden handle) breaks. It seems that due to the materials and the lack of quenching, it may become unusable in important work situations. The transplanted trowel series is durable and can be used for a long time with peace of mind due to thorough quenching. The sharpened edge of the blade is also a fine finish unique to blacksmith products. This product allows you to do gardening work without stress.


Hardened transplanted trowel with thin sling ring (short handle/long handle)


Narrow short handle: total length 300mm, blade length 155mm, blade thickness 1mm, handle length 140mm
Long handle: total length 400 mm, blade length 155 mm, blade thickness 1 mm, handle length 240 mm


Short handle approx. 175g, long handle approx. 130g


Blade: 55C steel (carbon steel) painted black Pattern : Kaede


Sakai Seisakusho