Genuinely fired stainless steel chopsticks painted pattern Vermilion (150.180mm)

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Chopsticks for serving.

Painted pattern series. Honyaki stainless steel chopsticks painted pattern (vermilion) .

These chopsticks have a painted handle.
The tips of the chopsticks are made of stainless steel and are rust resistant and have a durable finish. The patterns are carefully finished one by one by a lacquer artist and have a gorgeous finish. The tips of the chopsticks have a tapered shape that is easy to control with your fingertips. The sizes are 150mm and 180mm2. The painted area is very delicate, so please avoid using it in the dishwasher or dryer. It may peel off. There are six types of painted patterns: vermilion, dawn, black stone, pine bark, golden brown dark, and golden brown light.
Moribashi are chopsticks used when serving food. Great for delicate tasks such as serving and garnishing Japanese food such as sashimi.
*The size of the chopsticks refers to the tip of the stainless steel chopsticks (the part beyond the stainless steel mouth). The size of the pattern is the same for each type.

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Moribashi chopsticks are designed to make it easy to arrange food high or delicately . When using chopsticks, place your hands on top of the dish. Japanese chefs use it frequently and it takes practice to master it. Chopsticks are important for making food look delicious, and these days, customers can often see the work being done from behind the counter, and plating the dishes is a place where chefs can show off their skills.


Genuinely fired stainless steel chopsticks painted pattern Vermilion (150/180mm)


Total length (blade length + handle length) mm/blade length 150/180mm
Handle length 140mm, handle width 10mm


Approximately 53.67g


Genuinely fired stainless steel mouth, painted (vermilion) handle (boxed)


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