Genuinely handcrafted, peeled with genuine leather sack

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A knife used by hunters.

hunting knife. Genuine hand-made leather bag with genuine leather sack

special knife. A knife used to skin captured animals during hunting.
The blade is hand-forged from No. 2 white steel and has both sharpness and ease of sharpening. The R blade makes it easy to peel off the skin thinly. The handle is made of natural cherry wood. It has an R shape that is durable and easy to work with. Comes with a genuine leather case, making it convenient to carry. Since everything is handmade, each piece will vary slightly in shape.
Due to its special shape, it is recommended not only for hunting but also for scraping and scraping the bark of trees. Double-edged type that can be used by both left and right handed people.

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Recently popular as an outdoor knife. It has a cool shape and cuts well, so it's easy to use. Since the blade is an extreme R blade, I think it will be difficult to cook with, but it seems that the image is important. I think the process of shaving thinly is really convenient.

*Can be resharpened and repaired.


Genuine hand-made leather bag with genuine leather sack


Total length 220mm, blade length 90mm, blade thickness 3mm, handle length 135mm


Approximately 95 g (120 g in case)


Blade: White steel No. 2 steel (black finish) Handle: Sakura/genuine leather case (paper box) double-edged


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