Showan handmade Kanto style eel split polishing series

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Handmade eel knife.

Can be used at the tip and base of the blade. Kanto type eel splitter 150mm (for right)

Hand-forged polished finish.
This is an eel splitter made of blue steel No. 2 and soft iron by forge welding and forging. The reddish blue steel is hammered and tempered into a durable material. It is extremely durable, has good underside opening and opening, and has a sharp cutting edge that lasts for a long time.
The Kanto type is the perfect knife for cutting open the backs of eel, conger eel, etc. Product image/dimensions are 150mm. The sizes are 150, 165, and 180mm. *Left-handed users can also be ordered separately.

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The Kanto-style eel knife is used depending on the location of the cut, such as cutting the backbone of the neck at the base, opening the back at the tip, and removing the fin at the corner (fin tip) . The thick blade allows you to cut along the spine.

*Can be resharpened and repaired.


Kanto type eel splitting polished 150mm (for right)


Total length 285mm, blade length 150mm, blade width 32mm
Blade thickness 5mm, handle length 125mm


Approximately 170g


Blade: Blue steel No. 2 steel (single edge, right hand) polished plastic pattern paper box


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