Ai/Yu dual use cutter spare blade 60/80/100/120mm

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Replacement blades! Drill holes in the mulch.

4 sizes of blades can be replaced. Replacement blade for both Ai and Yu.

Replace the spare blade of the multi-cutter Ai Yu.
This is a special replacement blade that can be replaced with 4 sizes of blades. We recommend purchasing this when the blade is worn out and becomes dull, or when you want to drill multiple holes of different sizes. Ai and Yu share 4 sizes, so please use them depending on the purpose.

How to replace (according to the explanation image)
① To replace the blade on the main body, remove the locking spring washer. *Pliers are required as it is hard.
② If it becomes loose, remove the wing nut.
③④ Prepare the spare blade you want to replace with the nut removed. Available in 4 sizes.
⑤⑥ Check the body hole and the position of the spare blade.
<⑦⑧Tighten the wing nuts. Don't forget to add a washer.
⑨ Check the center position and tighten both wing nuts to complete.

Check amenoma !

Mulching in vegetable gardens and flower beds has various effects. You can prevent unnecessary weeds from growing, prevent fertilizer from being washed away by rainwater, and adjust moisture. Deliberately drying crops increases body fluid concentration and sugar density. It is also effective to use mulch to raise the soil temperature in winter. Mulch cultivation has various benefits. We also recommend using black garbage bags for use in planters.


Ai/Yu dual use cutter spare blade 60/80/100/120mm


Total length 85mm, blade diameter 60, 80, 100, 120mm (pie)
Blade thickness 1mm


60mm approx. 115g, 80mm approx. 140g
100mm approx. 170g, 120mm approx. 200g


Blade: Special knife steel (replaceable blades for each size)
Stepped serrated blade (impact hardened blade edge)


Sakai Seisakusho