Yamanata blue steel black finish with wooden sheath 165mm

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It's a machete for fighting firewood.

Yamanata 165mm

The blacksmith took great care. It's a man's hatchet.
Forged from blue steel No. 2 with a black finish and 6mm thick. The blade and handle are integrated, making it sturdy, and the para rope wrapping prevents it from slipping, making it easy to apply pressure. The 6mm thick double-edged blade has a blade that emphasizes durability rather than sharpness compared to the sword hatchet type. Cuts even hard hardwoods straight. Effective for tough work. It can be stored and carried in a wooden pod with a belt loop.
The 165mm type is recommended for those looking for a relatively lightweight and compact model. Please use it for chopping firewood and felling trees. *Double-edged, can be used by both right and left-handed people.
It is sewn with varnish to prevent rust. It may look like brush marks. It will be removed each time you use it. There is no problem in using it. If you are concerned about it, please wipe it off with thinner.

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It's lighter and more compact than a regular forest machete, so it's the perfect size for serious campers. Recommended for those who want to chop wood. If you have very hard wood (knots, etc.) that is difficult to split, placing it on a flat stone or chopping stand will help you split it with more force. Even a weak woman can easily break the blade by hitting it with a hammer. If the blade hits a stone directly, it may cause chipping. Please be careful.
I am often asked how to resharpen it, but I sharpen both blades with an artificial medium-finishing whetstone (about 1000 grit) like a normal double-edged knife. Finally, please use the ``koba-tsuke'' blade to perform double-blade work. Increases the durability of the blade. Good material and good sharpening make the strongest hatchet. If the blade is badly chipped, please send it to us.

*Can be resharpened and repaired.

*We have received inquiries if there are scratches or chips visible on the blade after purchase, but the blade is varnished to prevent rust before use, so chips or scratches may appear due to adhering dust or abrasion from the case. When used, the varnish will come off and disappear. If you are concerned about it, wipe it off with thinner to clean it.


Yamanata blue steel black finish with wooden sheath 165mm


Blade: Total length 300mm, blade length 165mm, blade thickness 6mm, blade width 42mm
Handle length 130mm Case included Total length 320mm


Approximately 500 g (405 g without case)


Blade: Blue steel No. 2 steel (double-edged), black finish, Pararope winding case: Wooden sheath with belt, paper box


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